Carson Park Improvements

 Old Town Rotary of Eureka's

Carson Park Project

CP with Banners


Several years ago, Old Town Rotary of Eureka (OTR) recognized that Carson Park was in need of updating and improvements as years of limited budgets and maintenance had taken a toll on the entire property.


Annually, Old Town Rotary, in partnership with the Community, facilitates the Rhododendron Parade, with Carson Park playing a lead role in the annual celebration as many times it plays host to a post parade Community Event's that allow the community come together to celebrate this spring tradition through games, picnics, barbeques. 


Unfortunately,  time has not been kind to the facility and grounds, so Old Town Rotary,

Being People of Action, decided to develop a Carson Park Improvement Initiative to improve the park.


Thus far, OTR has been able to:

  • Recoat the Basket Ball Court
  • Purchase new, portable Soccer goals
  • Purchase and Install a new hydration Station


We are far from over in our efforts to upgrade this important community hub. Plans are in development for the second phase of improvements that hope to under take:

  • Upgrading of the restrooms to meet ADA standards

  • Maintenance and painting of the Carson Park Building
  • Enhancement of the the Picnic area or what we hope to be able to rename as "Rotary Pavilion"